Benefits & Introduction

For many years, it had been increasingly apparent that there was a great demand for a professional body for financial management staff in Public schools.  We would like to introduce you to the School Business Managers’ Association of South Africa (SBMA) and invite your school to become a member.

Schools have far greater self-governance over their budgets and resources than they had in the past and funding is an ever increasing challenge.  Financial management within public schools is now much more than balancing the books – public schools need highly skilled people able to manage the business aspects, provide detailed financial information and guide strategic decisions.

Education authorities world-wide are paying increasing attention to school leadership and financial management as critical success factors for improving the quality of education in public schools.  With the recognition of school financial staff and Business Managers it became obvious that the time had come for them to have a “professional home”.

The benefits of joining the SBMA:

  •  Every Province has a Regional Chairperson;
  • Telephonic or e-mail advice on specific queries or problems encountered in your daily tasks (all Regional Chairs consult as a National Committee on major problems or issues that our members have, to get you the correct answers to your questions);
  •  Whatever the issue in finance be it exemptions to petty cash if you need an answer we are just at the end of the phone or e­mail;
  • Access to our ever popular Newsletters, published 3 – 4 times a year;
  • Information on changes in the law or schools act (currently the Exemption Regulations and SASA are under review by the Department);
  • Information on other items in law which will affect you – like the submission of the PAIA Manual and the extended date for this submission which we fought for all our members;
  • SBMA D6 Communicator (it is a private download link for our members only, NOT a school communicator) which is full of interesting deadline dates and information (and also ALL the newsletters) –
    • A great deal of the talks, with permission of the speakers, from the past Conferences are also published here and all the photos;
    • Advertisement of admin and finance posts for your school on the D6 Communicator AT NO
      EXTRA CHARGE (this goes out to all our member schools nationwide because finance people usually know finance people!);
    • Event and fund raising advertisement on the Communicator at no additional cost;
    • Relevant company advertisements in the ad box at the bottom of the D6 Communicator for easy access to obtain quotes of products or services you may need for your school;
  • Our National Conferences which we host annually in a different region, see the news articles under
    Events –
    √ Our next conference is already well underway and the date has been set for 30 – 31 May 2019 in Durban!! SBMA members are the first to be invited;
  • An empathetic support system from bursars, who understand the day-to- day difficulties;
  • Consult and inform education authorities on your behalf of disputes and recommendations to pending amended law or regulations;
  • Becoming a member of a professional organisation that is affiliated to International Bursars Associations (NASBM – UK and ASBO International);
  • And all this at affordable membership fees –
    √ The school as a whole is charged an annual fee and ALL finance staff and Principals are registered to use the services

Email for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.